EXARC Newsletter, Number 2014/08


EXARC Newsletter, Number 2014/08



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Published today:
EXARC Journal 2014/3

We are happy to announce the publication of this year’s third EXARC Journal. It includes various articles with an international character like two US EXARC members discussing the proof of concept of an  Egyptian pulley and a colleague from Canada describing experiments with  Iranian pottery decoration. These articles are members only access.

The open-access articles book and conference reviews, an article on the formation of   >EXARCs research cluster on experimental archaeology and an   interview with Australian living history Hoplites.

Please pay your 2014 Fees

We thank our members who paid their fees for 2014. Unfortunately,  still 25% of you did not pay. EXARC needs the fees to print the EXARC Journal Digest and, in short, to keep operating. Members who did not pay, will receive another reminder. Please pay soon!

Adverts needed for Digest Octobert 2014

We plan a second EXARC Journal Digest to be published in October. It will contain “the best of” what was recently published in an attractive format. The Digest reaches our 220+ members in 30+ countries as well as many colleagues at EXARC conferences and as a giveaway elsewhere.

Please contact  Roeland Paardekooper.

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EXARC meets in January in Dublin

The UK Experimental Archaeology Meeting is one of the best networked meetings of its kind, attracting delegates from all over the world. EXARC supports and sponsors this annual conference and better: the Conference in Dublin 16 – 18 January 2015 will be our official EXARC convention this winter! More details, including the call for papers are coming available at http://experimentalarchaeology.org.uk.



Registration, meals, accommodation (in a large room with about 20 beds in the attic of Domus) and transport (when with main bus for all participants at set time) are for FREE for all participants.

OpenArch - September 2014: The Dialogue with the Visitor, Viminacium (RS)

The VIII Conference of OpenArch will take place in Serbia. The conference is dedicated to archaeology of the region, as well as the presentation of local archaeological cities and Parks in Serbia and its neighboring countries. The sessions are focused on the  Dialogue with the Visitor and its links to other work packages, such as the Dialogue with Museum Organizations, which aim is to define the role of thematic exhibitions in a Museum. The Dialogue with Skills and the Dialogue with Science are present as sessions linked to presentation of an Archaeological Park and its management. Finally, there will be a few experiments within the Experimental Archaeology, widely seen as good tool in an Archaeological Park presentation.

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With regards,

Dr Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC Director