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EXARC Newsletter, Number 2013/4



We are happy to officially invite for the spring meeting of EXARC, which will take place at Archeon (NL). EXARC members are invited for a three-day conference on visitors, crafts and museum management, made possible by OpenArch.
On Thursday 25 April, EXARC will present its plans for the coming five years at the Annual General Meeting. The Board will suggest expanding EXARC to include interpretation and ancient skills besides archaeological open-air museums and experimental archaeology. We may introduce more ways on how to serve EXARCs members.
More news and the official paperwork will follow in time.

Archeon Conference

Details about the Archeon Conference can be found here. This includes the programme, travel details, accommodation and registration.

We hope to see you soon in the Netherlands!

Lejre Conference

EXARC hosts a conference on the history of experimental archaeology, in Lejre Denmark. It takes from 12 to 14 April and has speakers from 11 countries. Topics include the history in Greece, UK roundhouse (re)constructions through the decades and post-World War experimental archaeology at universities. We kept the costs moderate and still have places left. Click here for more information and registration.

Your folder material

As EXARC Director I make about 20 visits abroad annually. I recently was for example in Ireland visiting university, several EXARC members and archaeological open-air museums and other colleagues. I always bring a selection of PR material from EXARCs members, showing the diversity of our membership.
If you wish to be included and put in the spotlights with colleagues all across Europe, please send us 50-100 of your leaflets, folders or other free PR material you have. You can send it to: Canadastraat 21, 5651 CE Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Many thanks!

Your folder material

With regards,

Dr Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC Director

EXARC newsletter


EXARC is the ICOM* Affiliated Organisation                  representing archaeological open-air museums and                  experimental archaeology.